Monday, 16 October 2017

Japanese Floatplanes

The  Arawasi Japanese aircraft blog ( ) ran a competition for modelling Japanese float planes. It peeked my interest and I was surprised by the number off kits that have actually been produced over the years.

                           This is the 50 year old Tamiya "Pete" (re-release 1990s')

                   Built OOB with the only scheme featuring a black cowling on a "Pete"

The much later and more accurate Hasegawa offering is a contender for my next floatplane build.

                                    Always liked the Tamiya Rufe. Great fit and inexpensive

Trying to get that "violet" tinge to the JNAF grey scheme.  The brown primer colour was over sprayed with light coats of IJN gray .In certain light it does take "the look".

Hasegawas' Rufe. another nice kit more expensive than the Tamiya issue and not IMHO much better.

                                      Oh you noticed.............still trying to find the Arial mast.

There has certainly being a plenty of choice over the years and Im sure more will be added later.

                    This "Dave" from Hasegawa is definitely "on the cards" as a future build

                                 The very old and very "odd" scaled Pete from Hasegawa

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