Saturday, 15 September 2018

Another trip into Malaga

After a long hot summer, a sea mist rolled over Malaga bringing some cooler breezes. Time for a long overdue walk through the downtown gardens. Very busy roads to either side but the sound well muffled by the dense vegetation.

Thursday, 9 August 2018

2018 IPMS (USA) National convention @ Phoenix AZ

This is a work in progress at the moment so more later


A collection of every "Essex" class carrier built, served or proposed and cancelled.

Each transported in its own individual box.






Starting to set up a 700 model AFV collection

"Classic" Airfix Heron

                                     Another "oldie"  Monograms Black Widow

    1950s Revell  Sport fishing boat

                     Awarded "best in show"

                                          1950s Aurora Red Knight

Revell F-27 from the 1950s

Revells old Bomarc

Another " classic"  the 1950s Revell Thunderchief..........................converted