Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Malaga a great day out.

Just love walking around Malaga. I dont think there are two buildings the same shape or size. The "main drag" shaded from the summer sun, after all, we can't have people buying £20000 Rolex hot and sweaty can we.😎😎😎
It's hard to go on a day when some bloody great floating block of flats doesn't disgorge a couple of thousand punters into the city, yet it is so easy to find quiet back streets and shady squares and courtyards with good cafes and restaurants serving cool wine or ice cold beer and interesting ,varied and very tasty "Tapas"
A trip into Malaga should always (well for me) include a look around the old market. There is so much good produce for sale. Just the amount and types of olives for sale is amazing ,plus hams, sausages, cheeses, nuts and oils, meat and fish.
I wax lyrical so time for coffee and maybe a small Annise.

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Phoenix ( Eagle) from the ashes Repaint of an old Tamiya kit.

                                    The original Tamiya 1/48th built in 1988 then stripped down

to sit in my modelling scrap yard

to be finally restored

                                                          in a JASDF scheme 2018

Trying o find the correct sized serials.

          A fellow modeller Ian Gaskhill let me have an old Japanese RF4 EJ  decal sheet
                           Paint was from the Mr Color range through an Iwata airbrush

Although the serial number and some of the stenciling are bogus for that particular machine,its not going into any shows and Im happy to have "saved an old friend"

Skipton & Gargrave North Yorkshire A walk along the Leeds-Liverpool canal 10/3/2018

                                   Cant set out for a long walk without tea......and a scone

                                          Leeds - Liverpool canal   Skipton end

    First sign of spring.......................hopefully

                                                   The old mill now luxury apartments

                                      River passes under the canal

Swans in the fields and still snow around