Thursday, 4 May 2017

Trumpeters F-106 B a tale of modelling despair

                                       OOB its the way I do 'em

Ive read reviews that say this is not like any F-106B ever in service,but as usual Id already bought the kit.

Trouble with the decals. The two schemes in the box were either the wrong shades or colour.The Microscale sheet I bought to replace them just broke up ( both schemes)

The star and bar on the nose was not the correct size and had to be taken off using the sticky tape method.

Managed to get a set of decals for my 3rd choice so production continued

Getting there but as is not uncommon with my projects ,fell at the last hurdle.

Im pretty sure I can repaint the nose probe,but not the tanks.

 Yep you spotted it;the tank flash is upside down,the light blue should be the upper colour

 To be honest after a few weeks away from the bench is doesnt seem all that bad ,well not from a few feet at the back of the shelf.

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