Sunday, 1 May 2016

Indy 500 diorama

From my friend Don @ the Winnebago Automodellers club

This is club modelling of the highest order well done guys!

   Don wrote.

"This is a group of photos from our club display that myself and 4 other guys built. What you see here was all built from January 15th to the first week of April.
 The Marmon wasp was scratch built by Dave Falk. It is awesome. Everything on the base was built from scratch except the cars  with exception to the Marmon and the figures.

I designed the layout and we met five Saturdays and built this. Tom and Ed there are two of your cars on the display The Miller #14 and the Target car.

The base was basically sold for as we set it up. A deal was made at the end of the show and it is now gone we kept all the cars and figures. The scoring Pylon is actually lit.

The figures out front are painted in Umber and sepia tones to represent a photo from 1909."

A couple more nice pics filched from "Facebook" Auto Modelers Group

Auto Modelers Group

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