Monday, 9 November 2015

Scale Model World Telford 2015

First a quick plug for one of my favourite sites

Now let the show begin

Those sons of fun..............................the "Wiffers"

...and now to the North Somerset lot

a great club display with a great bunch of people getting into the club theme.

Anyone passing was well and truly "stickered"

The club maxim "we build all sorts" says it all and sums up what being a plastic modeller is (or should be) all about.   A great big AAARRR! to the lot o ye

This Japanese oxen cart must take the prize for the most unusual build of a very scarce and unusual kit.

(above) Those Swiss chocolates were good to.

The Airfix club was an absolute treasure trove of nostalgic Airfix kits.

I still dont really understand this club display. All the models were inwards and you couldn't take photos. There were some really good builds as well.

With the TV success of the GB Bake Off series in UK this display was well thought out,dont know what people who didnt know about the program must have thought....

.........................great (scotch) egg plane though.

You never really know what your going to find at SMW. I nearly missed this

The competition  area

A "sardine can" in a sardine can. Fun,original and a very nice little model

                            Airfix new releases 
(already being bashed as inaccurate on some sites.................shakes head sadly)

The title says it all.

the compulsory Bf-109

Try this link for some really professional pics.

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  1. Thank you so, so much for sharing these photos TKS - there are some achingly beautiful builds. I'm lost for words. I really, really need to get over there one year.