Thursday, 29 October 2015

1:32nd Raiden project

The usual work in progress pics

This was the story as far as the disaster with the display base,that fell from a great height 
and wiped out all the carefully constructed engine detail and mounts.

The "all closed up" build continues

  Paints were mainly Tamiya and Mr Colour acrylics mainly mixed to try and match the colours provided in Nick Millmans  pdf essay on the Raiden colours

 There is the usual "artistic license" taken with the weathering and unit markings.

 Without the disaster I think this would have made a really good all open display,having to close it up defeated the object of the kits engineering. I could have got the same results buying the  cheaper Hasegawa offering.................oh well its only money.   sob sob

Its a big beast in 1:32nd and only just fits in the display case.

The Corsair in the picture is a 1:48th Hasegawa build.

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