Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Turning Japanese coming to terms with the "new" colours

Having built quite a few WW2 Japanese subjects its quite disconcerting now all the original thoughts on paint and colour have been turned on their head with the latest research results. 


  None more so than "Zero" schemes ,especially the earlier grey/gray.

This was an attempt to show how the worn light grey over the red brown primer could be mistaken in certain light ,to appear as a lilac hue.

Original Tamiya Zero 22 in Tamiya recommended grey (1980s?)

WE now know that the cockpit was green not otake

Not too different from this one seen at the Orlando US Nationals

Hasegawas' Ki-61 Hien( Tony) in my version of the klate war brown/olive scheme

When Ive found out whether the finish was satin or matt (even gloss) Ill give the old girl a final coat.

Im thinking that the national insignia on my old Arri "George" are going to be wrong as well. They came from the old Aeromaster faded Hinamaru sheet. I was going to use them on the later  Hasegawa version

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